Rocks fall. Everyone stubs their toe.

img_0653Laundry list of screwed up things today:

Ordered Seat Belts for Firebird. They arrive today. REEKING of smoke. Contacted seller and he’s all, yeah you’re gonna get that.

Ordered new seats for Firebird back in first week of January. Was told they were going to be backordered but would ship on Jan 30. No shipping notification came so I called them. They’re all… yeah, not until Feb 15. Told them cancel the order, issue a refund while I was on the phone and his response was.. um, it could take a while for the refund to show. I don’t want to hear that. I gave them 4 hours then the bank and I would have a discussion. Refund came.

I’d already ordered new seats and had them shipping while I was on the phone with them. Please note CarID is bad. BAD. Foul people who don’t have stock but take your money and don’t say they’re out of stock. Summit Racing, very good. Always have stock listed properly.

Got a pigtail wiring harness for my power windows and a new switch for the centre console. Not sure if they fit but things have been strange so I’m just going to take them in and let the mechanic worry about it. Because I could be screwing things up.

Ordered even newer seat belts for the Firebird from Classic Industries, allegedly better seat belts than the last set I’d ordered… the ones that tries to kill me. I was supposed to get a return authorization number so I can send the crappy ones back. Crickets from their tech department on that but perhaps it slipped their mind.

NOW I want kalua pig and cabbage 😀

Adulting is very hard. Today was just one of those days where everything was small and just shored up. Now, all things considered, shit’s pretty good. Those things above? Small rocks in the path. A couple of bruised toes and that’s about it. Nothing major because other things are okay. It all evens out.

I might order pizza though.

10 thoughts on “Rocks fall. Everyone stubs their toe.

  1. Kendra Patterson

    My son has used Summit Racing several times and he’s always received great service. Good luck on the car refurb.

  2. Darling, it sounds like you have the best attitude about the situation: small rocks in the path. I have a tendency to let them become boulders on my shoulders, even though they’re just pebbles in my shoes.

    My day wasn’t great, but you know what? I also had fun today with my older sister and that is my priority, even over all the crap that came with it. And even though I have to go to bed shortly so I can go to work tomorrow.

    Stay awesome and keep your head up :))

  3. Geraldine

    Great approach, but, sigh, yes adult img is so hard. Especially Feb here in the UK, with the long periods in the dark and the crappy weather. Still Spring is just round the corner and there IS always Pizza😄

  4. In future, a great way to get rid of cigarette smoke (not that you should have had to deal with it in the first place) is to box it with lavender for a week or so. Works wonders.

  5. This adult thing leave a lot to be desired at times. 🙂

    I have found that initially 1 part vinegar and 3 parts sugar works… most of the time. The rest of the time all bets are off, but only if I know I am right. Otherwise, you look like a fool.

    Good luck with the refurb of your car.

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