22 thoughts on “Just leaving this here…

      1. Dennis Dowd

        Good, I will come right over……

        I am sitting here and my knee up to might hip is just killing me. The only thing I have is Advil, so I just took 4 of those and now drinking some coffee.

        You been sick for a while, so I hope you are seeing a MD. I know that I am going to see a surgeon on the 4th. Yuk…..

  1. Maryann

    I’m probably much older than most of your readers so I hope they check out the song “One For My Baby”, if they are not familiar with Sinatra or the song. Awesome you did good!!!

  2. Farmwifetwo

    Something is going around . Got one with a head cold, one griping about his age and creaking in the morning , and one with an upset tummy . Me, I creak too but nobody cares 🙁 .

    Hope you feel better soon .

    Doing a series reread before the book comes out.

  3. 😶But…once I finish it then their story is done!😭
    But now I will finally know WHY?! And of course reading some of my favorite characters😍
    Sooooo torn! Soooo excited!

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