Woot! Cake Wednesday!

I woke up dragging today. Stayed up way too late reading Jonathon Kellerman after watching Ink Master and Face Off. I’ve got a hell of a lot to today and very little time to do it.

Tonight we’re going to dinner at Island Style which is a local-to-Hawai’i style restaurant which is one of my favourites. So I’ll take pix of what we ate because you know… food porn.

Woke up with a kink between my shoulder blades. Very annoying and I can’t shake it loose. I need a good massage. I keep saying that but I never go do it.

My brain is totally blank except for book stuff and work. We’ve got GRL coming up around the corner and a lot of energy has gone into working on that. So much energy *grins*

What do you all planned for this weekend?

12 thoughts on “Woot! Cake Wednesday!

  1. Rachael

    I’m going to be a bridesmaid for my much younger sister in law. Double sticky tape and a prayer will keep my strapless dress from falling down in the middle of the ceremony. At least I hope it does.
    And yeah! Keep working on book stuff!

  2. I don’t have much planned for the weekend — housework and cross stitch. I’m more excited about the cross stitch! 😛 I’ve completed 2 out of 24 pattern pages for my current project (over 16000 stitches done). The picture is becoming apparent now. I love it when all the seemingly random colors choices start to make sense!

    Looking forward to hearing more about your book stuff and GRL! 😀

  3. Dee Ash

    Not a clue. Autumn rain seems to have fully settled on London so that’s probably going to affect it and the rugby has been impacting my travel both directly (Twickenham stadium) and indirectly (damn people coming to West End to watch on big screens). Might flop and read with crisps and houmous if I can avoid my family.

  4. Hmmm…not sure? The kids have no school on Friday so yay! lol It’s misty & rainy outside so snuggling in knitting reading hanging with the family is what I am hoping for😉
    It’s a good thing the neighbors use woods stoves to warm up because,tho electric heat is lovely, I miss the smell of a fireplace ya know? *sniffs happily* thankfully it’s still warm enough I can keep my window open😎

  5. isisrising4sandra

    Have to work on Saturday, but Sunday will be the first Sunday in the last two months that I can actually sleep in. HEAVEN!

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