*blinks* Is it Thursday?

So much is flying right past me and I’m not having a lot of time to write. Hopefully once GRL is past, I can buckle down and carve out some time. Actually I have no choice. Time must be carved.

Writing Urban Fantasy is different from murders. The voice is more fluid and there’s more… tang to the air. Especially with Kai. I also have to find the music for this book. So far, nothing is hitting. It’ll come.

Tomorrow we’re going to have a special excerpt and giveaway for Eric Arvin’s new book, The Rascal. Be sure to stop in.

I should also be talking about Fish Stick Fridays with you all. To be honest, I’m very fond of that book. For some reason, it’s just a sweet kind of murderous sorta of thing. Really. Like… a candied poisonous butterfly.

With a hot mechanic and a sweet and hot bookseller. But you know… that kind of average every day stuff.

I also need to buy rice. We ran out of rice. Who the hell runs out of rice? A trip to Zion or Marukai is needed.

8 thoughts on “*blinks* Is it Thursday?

  1. Mary

    I can hardly wait……no, I can’t wait for Kai to return to our universe so we can enjoy him. *sigh*

  2. isisrising4sandra

    Kai and fishsticks and a new book by Eric – what a perfect storm. I feel like standing in the rain, the wind blowing my hair, and just turning around and around in total happiness.

  3. Dee Ash

    Eerily I just bought my 5kg sack of rice today. You cannot go without rice. Unless it’s pudding rice which I rarely have. Fish Stick (Finger?) Friday sounds cute and Arvin is awesome so way to the hey 😉

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