Speaking of Butter Mochi

I actually have to make some. It’s a rare thing, really. Not something you’re going to find at the grocery store. Could be totally a Hawai’i only thing. I’ve never seen it anywhere outside of Hawai’i… but it is a staple.

Recipe is here: http://www.hawaiianelectric.com/heco/_hidden_Hidden/Recipes/Butter-Mochi

It should look like this….


Now every family has their own little tweaks. I prefer actual grated coconut in mine and sometimes grated mac nuts. Some people like a drizzle of chocolate. Others, green tea. But regardless, it’s all good.

I really should make some.

7 thoughts on “Speaking of Butter Mochi

  1. Michelle

    OMG!! That looks SOOOOOOOOO good!! What’s the consistency like? Is it like a Latin flan?

  2. Dee Ash

    Sounds pretty tasty since I gather it’s basically cake and I’m all about cake. Do you have to cut it for consistency or would it be OK to leave in a big cake and slice as necessary?

    1. Dee Ash

      By consistency I meant the cake texture not exact sizing (though it is frequently brought up about the time I used a ruler to portion a cake five ways) 😉

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