Coffee Tuesday

A large part of my evening was making a mix tape of Big Bang. Now I’ve already did the playlist but wanted to port it over to my phone. As usual, this is not an easy task, especially with Google Music App. It requires me copying the tracks, renaming the album they are in, reordering them and then pasting in an album cover so they’re all under the same umbrella.

And this change in album art still might not work. But that’s the smallest tickle of the problem

No, the largest came from trying to export the mix over to my phone without using a cable. Now why would I do that? Because at some point in time of my brain, I am determined to figure out a way to do things the way I want regardless of there being an easier solution.

It isn’t always the case. But fuck it, I was going to do this thru an app.

Dropbox failed me. Seriously? DROPBOX! Fuckers. No Quick Action button anymore to download and manage the file over to my microSD. Sons of a bitches.

Fine. Hightail it is.

Apparently sharing apps are just not into downloading. It requires the patience of a saint I wouldn’t give two fucks about if I stumbled across of him. Okay, that’s a lie. I’d help the saint but not the app.

So ended up using the cord anyway… only to discover the sort order wasn’t carrying over to the device.

Seriously, just so I have a playlist in my car.

Sighs. Back to square one. Creating a playlist. Round about…and an hour later… it’s loaded up.

It would be easier if the damned Alpine stereo remote worked with any other player but Google Music but it doesn’t. I hate being confined by apps.

Now it’s Tuesday when you’re reading this. Hopefully I’ll have Bang Bang Bang playing in the Firebird as I drive to work.

5 thoughts on “Coffee Tuesday

  1. Dee Ash

    These are the times I appreciate Transport For London. Public transport = ereader, no traffic. However it does mean rush hour and crowds at times. But they’re welcome to read over my shoulder.

  2. Vita Orlando

    That’s a lot of dedication! I just pay for Spotify premium and call it good. Worth the $10 a month to not have to mess with all that stuff.

    1. Problem is I have a lot of “international” music Spotify doesn’t carry. It’s been a pain in the butt. 😀 Pandora is pretty decent but I want a playlist 😀

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