Monday Monday

I am writing this on Sunday but it’s meant for Monday morning.

This weekend is a bit of a blur. I spent most of it kind of aching. Not sure what happened but it feels like I’d fallen into a cement mixer and bruised the hell out of my joints. Could be the 10+ hour flight finally caught up with me or the tense lock of my shoulder muscles. Either way, I’m stiff and for some reason, I have a bruise on the base of my skull on the right side.

No, I have no idea what happened. It just feels tender like a bruise.

Could be my horns finally coming in like wisdom teeth.

Isn’t it odd how one little thing out of alignment can toss the whole body out of whack. So much fun being an organic creature.

Of course I could also go for a massage but I’m always leery of massage places because well you know, many of them are just “happy ending” fronts. There’s one near us but people pooh pooh on it because it’s like a fast food chain of massages.

And about the time this is being posted, I’ll be needing some coffee. Just to warn all of you. Coffee. *nods*

7 thoughts on “Monday Monday

  1. Richard

    Sorry to hear you are not feeling so well. Hope it’s better soon!
    Missing your Sunday NSFW these days.

  2. Marilyn Adam

    Sounds like extreme jetlag to me….somtimes a good friend (local) can recommend a good masseuse…my broker led me to one he uses. Also your hair stylist can be a good resource.
    Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Dennis Dowd

    Sounds a little serious. You might have picked up a bug from your flight. Traveling is very dangerous, much more than the public knows. Also very stressful on the mind and the body. I don’t do it. But that is just me, a home body, completely boring.

    Well take care, but if you don’t start feeling better soon, I would go see a doctor, not to be an alarmist. Try to stay home for a while, like a year. If I remember correctly you were sick just a while back with a cold or pneumonia? You might after this look at your diet a little more and start doing some daily walking if you don’t already. You just might be working too much. Sorry to be such a “Mother” here, just my medical background, and I know when I am sick it is hard for me to figure things out by myself. My doctor is good at giving me the positive feed back I need.

  4. Dee Ash

    Epsom salts bath soak. I don’t really like to be touched which is a shame as my mother is a trained massage therapist – I had to fake my way as a subject for her exams several years back.

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