Damn Earphones…

Sadly, my favourite earbuds died at some point. I only just realized it when I was listening to Big Bang and thinking, where’s the bass? The right side had blown out at some point and I hadn’t noticed until this morning.

Finding earbuds is problematic. I prefer JLab’s J3s because they fit into my ear without any problem and don’t have this weird swoop bud form that don’t seem to conform to what I thought were normal ears. My ears are normal damn it.

All my other J3s are at work for some reason. So I’m stuck with these J5s until the new J3s come in.

This is my life. Focused on earbuds. Because you know… I could be writing.

8 thoughts on “Damn Earphones…

  1. Maryann

    OH NOOOOO!!!! This is a major crisis!!!! Must have earbuds with bass!!! Yes, must fit ear properly!! I could not survive without them!!

  2. My very favorite are the Bose. They come with three sizes of bud covers, the sound is fantastic and they have an on off, and volume control on the right ear wire. I’m on my second pair, and sometimes after a book ends, I forget to take them out because they are so comfortable.

  3. Dee Ash

    At the risk of vilification…I don’t especially listen to music and I find earphones often trigger my headaches so the pair I do have are from poundland (do you have dollar stores?). I had an expensive pair from my uncle once but they still gave me a headache so I let my youngest sister in law take them. I like music but it’s A) powerful and B) distracting from my reading. It’s bad enough crying/laughing in public as I read without my godawful singing voice…

  4. Morgan

    Too funny, Just today I grabbed a second pair at the store so I have back up’s incase my current ones die. Between podcasts and audio books I can’t live without them.

  5. isisrising4sandra

    Earbuds that fit well are essential. The Apple earbuds cause my ears great pain, so all of my iPods are working with cheap Samsung earbuds. My favorite pair have different colored buds so that I can tell which is right and which is left easily.

    You have my sympathy!

  6. Dennis Dowd

    I have several different types of Bluetooth headphones and buds. It all depends on what I am doing and how I feel. Since most of my phones are Bluetooth connected and I connect a lot to my computer at home which is a desktop, I build all my own computers, been doing that for 25 years, I always had trouble with Win 8.1 doing this connection properly. Now Win 10 seems to do this without the issues. There is a lot that I like about Win 10.

    Since I am so good at computers and I have a few spare dollars because of my work, I have been spending the 20 years supporting the local gay youth group doing computer support. Building and donating systems to them, and of course cleaning them up after they get infected etc. I have just spent the last several weeks upgrading two of them. It is really easy. The main issue for older computers is that they are using hard drives that are mechanical, buy replacing those with Solid State Drives, which prices have dropped, I can really speed up a lack luster system. Cleaning them up and getting rid of malware and viruses will also speed things up. Then I bring them back and now the kids can search the web, do their home work, listen to music, be creative by making documents etc.

    Since we have started this support group suicides among gay youths has dropped and its a place that gay youth can meet each other in a supportive loving environment. I wished that I had someplace like this when I was young, it would have made my young life a much better one.

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