Wednesday for Everybody!

Tuesday Evening

So my body is still reluctant to give up its UK time zone. Which is awesome because you know… work. It switched over practically immediately. Coming back it’s all… Don’t wanna. Of course a lot of that is that I’m just tired and want to sleep.

The Novel Approach will be revealing the cover and blurb from Fish Stick Fridays today. And wooooot! The post is live. Be sure to head on over to TNA for the reveal. Link goes to a very lovely blog.

On the other hand, my brain refuses to give into the tangle of Kai’s world but I’m going to have a reckoning tomorrow. Actually tonight as I lay down the final plot. Which is laughable because plots have a way of never really staying in one place.

Take for example… Claudia.

Claudia was killed on Cole’s porch. Shot dead. In cold blood. Dying at the feet of her employer. That was Claudia’s fate. I know it. I wrote it in the chapter summary. I can even picture it right now. Location: Stoop of office, gunfight, Claudia is killed. Dies in Cole’s arms.

It just didn’t sit right. I fought for her death. Really I did. She was dying, damn it. I’d killed her.

My brain said…no, don’t think so. I refuse to take part in this shit and am refusing to provide words for this nonsense.

Okay, so it wasn’t that formal but it didn’t feel right and I had to sit back and examine why. Then the parallel of Claudia and Barbara hit and I had to go retrofit a bunch of shit to my grumbling disgust.

So, now… I only plot out halfway because then I reassess and see where I need to go.

Kai’s kind of like that. I know where I’m going to go. I just need to find the path.

Cooked steaks tonight for dinner. Something quick since I’ve been working on swag stuff and other things all day. Crashed for an hour to convince my body I was back into some sort of up-down cycle but it has laughed at me.

Later though, I shall make my brain my bitch.

17 thoughts on “Wednesday for Everybody!

  1. edga

    Good God, thank goodness your brain wouldn’t go there. You can’t kill Claudia !!!!! ;D

  2. Amy Darling

    Fish Sticks Friday sounds amazing!!! Zig!! So cute. Very excited for a new series. Yay!

    And I’m so glad you decided to let Claudia live, I think I would still be crying if she had died.

  3. Marilyn Adam

    Went to the link and oh! this one really sounds good! When will it be available???

  4. Dee Ash

    Looks surprisingly sweet – but I like sweet too, so will be good. And hey, Claudia must have something important to do/say, right? ‘Cos if not. . . .

  5. Fantastic news! That cover rocks! I cannot wait to read the book. The blog post says November 30th for the release date, but when I put it on my Want To Read list at Goodreads, the release date shows as December 1st. Only one day difference, but that’s one day too many for me!! 😛

    I’m glad you couldn’t bring yourself to kill Claudia. Cuz yeah. That would have been sooo not good! As it is, just reading the words “Claudia was killed on Cole’s porch. Shot dead….” here on this page dang near caused me to jump up and run through the wall, cartoon-style.

    1. I haven’t updated the Goodreads page as I just got the confirmation. It should say December 2015 because it was a floating date. Now that it’s final, I can change it.

      Yeah, Claudia was destined for the angels but she fought me off.

  6. Cappa

    I’m so glad Claudia refused to go down. I’d miss her as a character in general, and her presence as a strong female/minority character. I like it when there’s more than one SFC, and I’d hate for Maddie and Scarlet to have to hold that fort on their own. (Just realized I’ve only ever heard their names in the audiobooks, so I may have spelled them wrong….oops!)

    Plus, gosh darn it! How many of Cole’s people have to get killed violently!? No bueno!

    So good on you, Claudia! Way to be scrappy!

    And also, yay for Fish Stick Fridays!! Can’t wait to buy and devour it!

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