As Not For Whom the Swan Honks…

Took today off which I so needed. I’m actually writing this right before I go to bed. Because I’ve switched back to SoCal time. And now I’m dead tired.

Watching BlindSpot right now. I think I’ve got that right. So far it’s been okay. I’m waiting for some chemistry to kick in. But it’s decent.

The dog needs a good scrubbing. And he wants his cookie so he can go to bed. Go figure. Dog has routine. And I need to get back into mine.

Best thing about the UK besides the Five? Endless mushrooms for breakfast. One cannot go wrong with mushrooms. So many mushrooms.

P1020308A major part of the trip was Halle, the Cairn of all Cairns. She’s a bit of a diva and likes scritches. She accompanied many of the excursions out into the wild and is a very good traveler. My own cairn, Gus Gus, isn’t a great car rider. Small trips are good. Anything longer than 20 mins is a bitch and a half.

I did see a lot of swans. Swans all over the place. And a few peacocks. But swans.


There was also a Where’s Waldo Rabbit. My brain’s a bit loose. Cotswold. Rabbits. That’s it. Much rabbits.P1020316

So now it’s time to settle back into life as I know it. Time to pick up the writing and all that stuff. Oh… and to discuss Fish Stick Fridays… but that’s for another day.

5 thoughts on “As Not For Whom the Swan Honks…

  1. Patricia

    I wish I could recall the time I spent in London as a wee child. But I don’t. But somehow, it is ingrained. I sure envy your vacation there in England…such marvelous pictures of those cathedrals, the carvings, crypts.

  2. Dee Ash

    The swans are abundant this time of year – the cygnets are pretty much grown but still with the parents and a pair near me had 10, 8 of which have survived. Makes feeding them a bit precarious!
    I forget how lucky I am to live in such an old city in a pretty country but was reminded by seeing it from outside eyes.

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