Photos and Hungry

P1010859Just realized I’m a bit hungry. How odd. I’ve had some chips. And Water. So…. perhaps some food.

On the other hand, here are photos from the UK trip. Over 1400 so… yeah. I’m also crap on tags. I did however get them assigned to the day and the area we were in. Woot to me.

I’ll be having an announcement of sorts on The Novel Approach this week. *grins* I’ll share that link once it goes up.

Photos are here:

9 thoughts on “Photos and Hungry

  1. Dee Ash

    That’s a lot of pictures – I’m only on pg4 and I’m wondering whether to be concerned at the predominance of pubs….

  2. Jane

    Beautiful pictures of the stained glass when your next over here you should try and visit Cambridge and saffron walden you would love it .

  3. Thanks for sharing, you forget how beautiful our old buildings are, you see them so often that you no longer “see” them, then suddenly you are reminded! You weren’t joking about the rain lol! I’m so glad you enjoyed your visit, come back soon 😆

  4. isisrising4sandra

    Wonderful pics. Loved revisiting Bath through your pics. So sorry you didn’t get to tour Windsor Castle. One thing I loved while visiting many years ago was going through Westminster Abbey and seeing the floor graves of those monks killed during the Black Death of the 1300’s. So very kewl.

    Thanks for sharing!

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