Home and Headaches

I am back home. In San Diego.

I truly had a fantastic time and it was lovely seeing the Five.

The flight was really long. And uncomfortable. I’m not sure why this flight was bad and one going over wasn’t but it was. So very odd.

I landed in a heat wave, woke up to a migraine and a storm coming in. Just took migraine meds and am waiting for the ache to go away. The cat won’t leave me alone. Although right now she’s sulking because I am on the laptop.

England was beautiful, rainy and full of laughter. One of the final sights I saw on the way home was Windsor Castle and the Queen was in residence so the flag was waving as we went by. Simply gorgeous place.

Today is going to be spend getting back onto my time zone and willing away this headache. Body ache really. The seat was pretty bad. Next time I go over, I think I’ll do United.

Hope you all are well and settling in for a pretty Fall.

16 thoughts on “Home and Headaches

  1. Anne Marie Crookes

    So glad that you made it home safe. Take care of yourself and get rid of the headache. Hugs.

  2. Dennis Dowd

    Yes, flying is very hard on the body, we do such things today not realizing our bodies through evolution haven’t really caught up with the type of life style have. Even your typing is something that is basically new to us, compared to the millions of years it took for us to be here in our present form.

    I haven’t flown in a plane since 1998, a long time ago, and that was the first and last time I really ever left the state of California. I am not much into traveling that much, too much of a home body I guess. My other concerns is how the recycle the air while up there in space. No too keen on that one either. If they used HEPA filters that would be a big improvement but I am sure they don’t. I am a respiratory therapists and really would want to subject myself to such “air” abuse. Good to have you back. Hope you don’t get migraines that much. I use to and thank God I don’t anymore. I do have allergies, and since inside air pollution has become a big issues as of late, mainly due to us insulating our homes better, I have HEPA filters running almost all the time, when I don’t have the windows open.

    Well, again good to have you back.

  3. Patricia

    You’re going to be well soon and able to fully enjoy the warm, completed feeling of being home.

  4. Dee Ash

    I love sumatriptan, it is my migraine god 🙂 Hope it was just combined travel and weather changes that triggered it off. I’m sure it’s nice to be home anyway and in your own bed.

  5. Kendra Patterson

    Hope you start feeling better soon. Can’t wait to see the pictures you took of England. 😃

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