Many Little Doggies

Apparently we are watching Gogglebox. It’s pretty hilarious. It’s a tv show about people reacting to television shows. It’s circular. There is a woman whose chair matches her wallpaper.

Today is my last night here. Leaving tomorrow in mid afternoon. Dead tired.

I put away the SD card with photos. But I will be going through them and posting the best of the best when I get home.

They’ve left me with the television on and didn’t tell me what button to use to turn it off. God help us all.

Watched the Dr Who premiere. Kind of confused. And all the lights are on. Well in the house. Not necessarily in my head at the moment.

Today’s lunch was at an American Diner. Irony abound. On the other hand, I introduced Lea to a root beer float. So achievement unlocked.

And everyone else has gone to bed. I’m stuck with a TV I can’t turn off. Advertisements here are interesting. There is also a sloth on a couch. A blue couch. Not sure why. I also need subtitles a bit for the Moffat family… until they said shite.

So I am off tomorrow. Hope to you see on the other side of the world!

7 thoughts on “Many Little Doggies

  1. edga

    Hope you enjoyed your stay. I’m UK born and bred, from the north, and I love it, eccentricities and all 😁

  2. Dee Ash

    I love gogglebox, I’m sort of surprised it’s still as funny if you haven’t been watching British TV though. And he’s Neal the sofa sloth.

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