What Day Is It?

Today was a good day. What I have not done is download any new pictures because it is late and there are llamas on my SD card. Really. Llamas. I’ve come all the way to the UK to see a llama poop. It was very exciting.

Today was also a day filled with sheep, peacocks, deer and the occasional OMG what the fuck is that woman wearing? Yes, we were judging but really, we were very confused about what she was wearing.

Since I am dead tired and it’s nearly midnight… I’m leaving you here with these photos and promises of more. The blond dog is Halle. The liver brown one is Jaegermeister, the pub dog for Riverside 😀

P1020322 P1020289 P1020141 P1020108 P1020252

5 thoughts on “What Day Is It?

  1. Dee Ash

    Hope you have a good flight home, and come again to jolly old England. My local pub dogs all have boring names, though the Tram’s owner’s Irish so Guinness and Spuds aren’t that bad….except they’re miniature poodles.

  2. Marilyn Adam

    The doggies are darling. I am reading “Cronin’s Key III” and they are looking at the gargoyles in the cathedral stained glass windows as another race (wolf dragons) so it was fun to see them on your blog today! Then it’s on to the “Black Dog Blues” audio (I know, I’m behind). Aren’t those English breakfasts outrageous???

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