Tonight’s Dinner

11998932_525885260897990_5789329334971901035_nTonight we’re having loco moco. A local-style dish from Hawai’i. There’s a lot of discussion on wh “created” this dish but for the most part, people say Cafe 100 in Hilo. It definitely came from Hilo. *grins*

It’s pretty simple.

Rice, hamburger patties, over easy eggs and gravy.

Comfort food.

4 thoughts on “Tonight’s Dinner

  1. Patricia

    In all the places I’ve traveled I’ve never heard of this combination. Indeed it sounds like good comfort food.

  2. Dee Ash

    Is that being served in Bristol? And what kind of gravy is it, it looks creamy? (Bristol meet is sold waaaaay out so I’m guessing you are in for some serious time consumption soon 😉 )

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