So… Kai…the Sequel.

As I am packing up today, I’m gathering up all the bits and pieces…and losing my mind about not putting everything in I needed… I ruminated about Kai.

Mostly because I have to write Kai 2. So I’m going to spend a week immersing myself in the first one and see where it leads me. Luckily, I’ll be listening to Greg Tremblay’s narration of the book as well as reading it as I go.

I haven’t decided on a plot. To be honest, while I have really vague ideas on what I wanted to do with Kai, I never thought I’d get to do them. Now, I have way too many. And what to choose.

The opening scene is set. That much is certain. Where it leads from there… oh so many possibilities. So, over the next few months I’ll be diving into Kai’s brain and seeing where it takes me.

Last time we left our intrepid Stalker, he was missing parts of his Mustang and had gained a couple of nieces. Ryder began his Dawn Court and intended to move into Balboa Park. Alexa, Ryder’s cousin, had taken over security for the San Diego’s Court and Dempsey, Kai’s mentor, is probably drunk off his ass in Lakeside, counting the money he got for saving the twin babies.

But where does that leave Kai? Big question.

Urban fantasy is a very different voice than murders and other stuff. There’s a certain rhythm and tone so I’ll have to get into that head as well. It’s been a long time since I’ve written Kai but I’ve been gearing up to it for almost a year now.

It’ll be interesting to see what gets plotted out. I have a firm inkling. But you know, there are always right turns when you least expect them.

Or at least there are when I’m driving.

19 thoughts on “So… Kai…the Sequel.

  1. Marilyn Adam

    So, downloaded the book and began to read it, but decided to wait and get the audio version because I like Greg’s narration so hard….glad for this teaser so I have more to look forward to with Kai.

  2. I just finished binge-listening to The Dresden Files series, and absolutely agree Urban Fantasy (like High Fantasy, which I’m binge-listening to now, lol) has a much different rhythm not only to the pacing, but to the plotting. Yay, you, getting ready to give us more Kai! I’m *so* happy to see him in your queue!

  3. Reianne

    I’m so looking forward to hearing more from Kai. His voice is one of my favorites and Greg Tremblay’s narration really brought that world to life. Black Dog Blues is by far one of my favorite books to listen to. Can’t wait to see what happens to Kai next

  4. Val

    Yeah!!!! Cant wait! Kai was the first book of yours I read and cant wait for his future. That said miss the pics and having trouble adapting to new web page look.(I really hate change!) Keep going girl

    1. I hate change too but this HAD to happen. No two ways around it or I wouldn’t have done it 😀

      The website has to be more mobile friendly. It was just too heavy on the phone and tablets 😀

      Kai will be fun. It’s kind of a free-wheeling all rules broken kind of world so I’m looking forward to going back into it 😀

  5. Nancy Fulton

    Thank you for the news. I really enjoyed reading Kai’s story. In fact I’ve reread it twice. I got the audio version but I haven’t listened to it yet, holding off for a really good project to work on while listening. Have a great time in England.

  6. Mary

    Love, love, love Kai & cannot wait to read more. He’s a sexy elfin!

    What happened to your blog? All the gold & pix to other places.

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