Let’s Talk Dirty

One of the things I will be doing in the UK is recharging my batteries. I’ve been kind of writing and working non-stop for the past few months and it is definitely taking a toll.

I finished writing Dirty Heart this past weekend, the last of the Cole McGinnis series. While there will be books later at some point with Cole and Jae, it was time for the series to end. It was kind of bittersweet. Because it was time. God knows you KNOW when it’s time for a series to end but I do adore writing Cole.

When I first started that series, I fully intended the voice to be over the top, a rollicking 1970s bang of action and a little bit on the edge of Oh God, Now What. Each series has its own tone but Cole’s was something I really wanted to dig into. A hint of noir and a lot of booms. Earth Shattering Booms.

Along the way there were going to be characters he met and loved. Most notably Jae. But Claudia, Mike, Maddy, Bobby, Ichi and Scarlet really filled out the cast and it was a pleasure to create them and weave them into the story.

It will hopefully be out in March 2016. The beta readers are going at it right now and I’ll see what they say but I’m happy with how it came out. It’s a more tight in book, focused pretty much on Cole. Which was just how it ended up.

Yes, a bit sad. But new horizons. Murder and Mayhem will be picking up the Los Angeles thread, heavier noir and a bit more traditional murder mysteries with a bit of a twist with Rook. Classic two sides of the law.

Oh… and then there’s Fish Stick Fridays… but we’ll talk about that another time.

9 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Dirty

  1. Patricia

    I’m getting a hint that Cole and Jae’s story is turning gloomy. If such a thing happens, I will accept it philosophically, because you will always write what is true for you. It’s been a glorious ride with them. I especially have a heart for the beautiful Scarlet.

    1. Oh I wouldn’t say gloomy. They’re definitely a happy couple together. But it’s time to find out what happened with Ben. *grins*

  2. Reblogged this on Books,Coffee & Captured Moments and commented:
    I understand when an author feels it is time to wrap us a series but I am so going to miss these characters. The Cole McGinnis series is one of my favorites. I am excited about the book but also sad. If you haven’t read this series read about it here:https://www.goodreads.com/series/85422-cole-mcginnis and if you are an audio fan – Greg Tremblay does a fantastic job with the narration. So good.

  3. reviewerlarissa

    Wooohoo! It’s finished! Really curious. And yes, I really want to know what happened with Ben! Also good to know that Cole and Jae will be back!

    And still bummed I didn’t know you were going to the UK Meet 😛

    1. Yep. Announced it a few times but see, I don’t think about stuff like that other than the whole.. Oh BTW, heading to Bristol 😀

      1. reviewerlarissa

        Oh bag, now you tell me 😉
        Yeah, Imthink Imread so somewhere at some point, but heh that was way back when!

  4. Anne Marie Crookes

    I was up until 4 this morning finishing Sloe Ride and it is now 7:25 a.m. and I’m up to get things done. It’s going to be a muddle but every time I was going to put the book down, something else happened and I had to find out what came next. So worth feeling tired this morning. I’m looking forward to Cole and Jae’s conclusion of their grand adventure. You did say that we would see them again, just not as a series. Hope you have a great time on your vacation. Have a safe and healthy trip. Hugs.

  5. Thank you for that! …if their story had ended with no explanation for what happened to Ben it would been itching my brain forever! lol

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