Second to the last stop on The Sloe Ride Blog Tour: Joyfully Jay!

Blog Stop Number Eight!

Joyfully Jay (swear to hamburgers I always type Jae)

Celebrate the release of Sloe Ride by Rhys Ford and follow Shot Glass Sin, a collection of Sinners’ vignettes

And enter to win the chance to name the stops on the band’s next tour. Winners’ choices will be featured on the back of the Absinthe of Malice tour shirt!

Every blog will have its own winner!

Shot Glass Sin Blog Tour Dates
Aug 31 The Blogger Girls (Stop 1)
Sept 1 It’s About the Book (Stop 2)
Sept 2 Love Bytes (Stop 3)
Sept 3 Prism Alliance (Stop 4)
Sept 4 The Novel Approach (Stop 5)
Sept 5 Fiction Vixen (Stop 6)
Sept 6 Sinfully Sexy (Stop 7)
Sept 7 Joyfully Jay (Stop 8)
Sept 8 Boy Meets Boy (

6 thoughts on “Second to the last stop on The Sloe Ride Blog Tour: Joyfully Jay!

  1. Dee

    Hi Rhys,
    If you’ve already been asked, I apologise for repeating the questions. Will there be an audiobook for Sloe Ride and if yes, please say it will be Tristan James? 🙂 Please!!!
    Hope you’re enjoying Bristol (I’m from London, but have lived in the States for over 20 yrs).
    Cheers, Dee

    1. Dee Ash

      Are you my doppelganger? Because I’m Dee from London too! But I’ve never been Stateside. I hope I’m the evil twin, it would be quite exciting, I can get a velvet cloak to sweep around, powder my face white (thus hiding my freckly cloasma) and cackle hideously!

  2. Val

    Already missing the daily pics. Still ajusting to new look as well.(Dont like change). Finished Sloe Gin. Awesome! !! Let me really hungry for the next one!!! Keep going girl your fantasric!!

    1. If you’ve got Facebook, there’s a group there I can add you too. But the pix sadly have to be a thing of the past here. Just too difficult for copyright 😀

      And yes, Absinthe of Malice will be fun! 😀

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