Writing… still… again.

Following the death of my main laptop, I’ve migrated over to the backup which is a nice machine. Good keyboard action. I actually prefer the keyboard on this one to the old one but there is a memory fail on this one if the chips get too hot that is a design flaw. Nothing too serious just one of those things that piss me off. Also, I can’t get the text size on this resolution setting to be what I really like it to be at but that’s a small thing in the scheme of things.

No, the biggest issues seems to be my brain refusing to kill people. Oh I’m taking the time to slaughter a few as I go but really, how far can I push it without it become a serial killer spree? Ah, how that does warm the cockles of the heart.

Not sure why the heart has cockles. Oh sure, the cockles and the heart are bivalves and cockles do open up when heated… so there you have it. Cockles.

I am not a big mollusk fan. So…. yeah, warm away.

For some stupid reason, I have Diana Ross’ I’m Coming Out stuck in my head. I have not heard it someplace…it wasn’t used in a commercial… nothing. It just floated up to the surface of my brain for some reason. Damn fricking brain.

Whatcha all up too?

12 thoughts on “Writing… still… again.

  1. Christy Duke

    Loving the cockles girlfriend! Have you tried a cooling pad for your laptop?

    1. Oh this monster just has a motherboard flaw. It’s usually pretty good. I just need to get a new hard drive for the main laptop. We have… a herd of them 😀

  2. ruslana

    well Internet and cable came back up after a two day outage!!! had a big list of things to do and one of the things was sulking!!!

  3. Treasure

    I have a lap top that takes great pleasure in freezing at random moments. It’s been banished to the living room where it sits looking pretty.

    1. We have two spare laptops. And I’ve got a Toshiba tablet if I were hurting or at Starbucks…and a bluetooth keyboard. But damn, losing a hard drive hurts.

  4. I am suppose to be writing an assignment for my final unit at University.

    Its a 3500 short story – futuristic detective story where a huge chunk of the population are psychic cause of a mutation from a vaccination. As a result they need Psychic Cops – blah blah blah

    You can tell im into huh LOL

    1. I can TOTALLY tell you’re into it. *grins* Heh. See, I’d write about the cop who WASN’T psychic and how much of a fucking pain that was.

      1. If it was a m/m I totally would haha.

        The cop she is working with is a null in a family of psychics. He has had to adapt all his life to living without any abiliities

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