Tonight’s Dinner: Pork Adobo

So tonight we swing down to the Phillipines for dinner. I like a dry adobo, marinating the meat in the vinegar, garlic and spices. Here’s a wiki link if you want the breakdown. This isn’t to be confused with the Spanish adobo, a whole different kettle of food.

Tonight it’s over rice… well yeah, of course and wee little mushrooms sauteed in garlic and butter. I could have tossed the mushrooms in oyster sauce but I think that would have been too strong of a taste and fight with the clean vinegar of the adobo. Also, garlic and butter and mushrooms. ‘Nuff said.

2 thoughts on “Tonight’s Dinner: Pork Adobo

  1. Crissy M

    Seriously, yum! I have an aunt from the Philippines and it has been forever since she cooked for me…I think a visit is in order…

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