It’s Ded, Jim…

So the Grim Reaper came for my hard drive today. My laptop began to make the death rattle of a dying hard drive and I said… Lo unto the Lord, this is a shitty time to be doing this.

Fighting with the back up drive was successful. We have about seven computers in the house and a number of readers and tablets. Only one TV but two or three coffeemakers. Priorities you know.

Everything’s backed up that’s important but damn, it’s just a sucky thing. Laptop was like six months old. *sighs* Skipped the needle across the platform, probably.

I’ll need to find someone to swap out the drive and mirror what I’ve got.

22 thoughts on “It’s Ded, Jim…

  1. That sucks! But thank goodness you have backup. Think of all of those folks who don’t do that. That reminds me… Time machine time for me!

  2. Sadonna

    Bummer! Glad everything was backed up but still – that’s a PITA. I had a bad run of luck with laptop hard drives about 6/7 years ago that I still think was caused by some lousy encryption software my company insisted we use. Then it cost over $1800 to recover them because the company that provided the software had to do it. Sounded a bit fishy to me πŸ˜‰ I have three computers and get this – 4 TVs! Which is really stupid because I literally go weeks without turning on any TV. I tried to give one away at Christmas and that didn’t fly, so still have them all. UGH!

    1. Mostly it’s annoying. Because I really don’t wanna spend money to fix a hard drive then a day to rebuild the apps. I’m lazy πŸ˜€

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