Changes in Facilities’ Management

Please be aware of the changes to the Cabin when preparing for your next visit. There is now a fairly substantial bathroom tax that must be rendered appropriately for the duration of at least one minute following passing through the threshold.

If the tax collector is accepting payments at the time of your visit, you will be notified by the continuing undulating siren followed by an aggressive weaving motion towards you. It is recommended that all sojourns to the facilities include enough time allowance for this payment.

Payment can include the retrieval of the tax collector from the floor followed by a cradling and scritching of the collector’s head. Floor-based ear scritching is accepted but the full payment is preferred. Tail base scritching is also acceptable payment but must be accompanied by chin rubs in order to fulfill financial obligations.

Payments should continue until tax collector renders a full payment has been submitted. The payee will mark the end of payment by the subtle application of the tax collector’s double punch fang marks on their hand. Please be advised, at times the collector may return for further payment after first installment has been rendered if said collector is not satisfied once departing the facility. Should this occur following the closing of the facility door, it is recommended the user remove any appendages (including feet) from the bottom of the door as further collection may occur while occupied.

By posting this notice, Cabin Management is not responsible for any injuries inflicted to user of facilities by any third-party vendor used to collect and receive appropriate payment for facility use.

New Kitteh, Who Dis?

We have a new addition to the Cabin. She comes to us as a surrender from her owners who have a new baby and they made the decision to find her a new home. She doesn’t really have a name… she was being called kitty which she doesn’t really respond to but she is now home and exploring my bedroom.
She has met the dog who spent his time in the room crashed out on his bed so she’s discovered the Potato couldn’t really care about there being another cat in the house. He’s now eating dinner which is a hell of a lot more interesting to him because he was fed later than normal.
There is a heavy gate between my room and the rest of the house and the other two cats are quietly investigating the presence of the new kitten. She’s about 7-8 months old and still a bit playful so that will be good for the Badger and she’s young enough to interest Harley who DID have a litter before she came to us.
New Kitty has allowed us to pick her up, scritched her and she’s meatloafed in my room, making squinty eyes at us. She’s been called Bob in texts because well, she didn’t have a name but that’s because of her colouring, not her personality. We’ll see what her name is over the next few days.

TIL “Who Let The Dogs Out” is a Feminist Anthem

Huh… I did not know this.
“Who Let The Dogs Out” is a cover of the 1998 song “Doggie” (or “Dogie”) by Trinidadian Calypso / Soca / Junkanoo artist Anslem Douglas.[5] Douglas himself admitted that the song has nothing to do with dogs and actually has a feminist theme. In an interview that was published on his website, he said:
“It’s a man-bashing song. I’ll tell you why. The lyric of the song says, ‘The party was nice, the party was pumpin’.’ When I said the word ‘party’ I was being metaphorical. It really means things were going great. The ‘Yippie-Yi-Yo,’ that’s everybody’s happy, right? ‘And everybody was having a ball.’ Life was going great. ‘Until the men start the name-callin’ / And then the girls respond to the call.’ So the men started calling the women ‘skank’ and ‘skettel,’ every dirty word you can think of. The men started the name-calling and then the girls respond to the call. And then a woman shouts out, ‘Who let the dogs out?’ And we start calling men dogs. It was really a man-bashing song.”[6]

French and German Translations News!

Hello and well… I’ve a Translation Announcement. Or rather, several…
I am happy to share some news on Sin and Tonic (French), Hellion (French) and Dirty Laundry (German) coming out in 2021!
I will announce more detailed dates once we get them finalized but I can tell you I just reviewed the Sin and Tonic Final Galley so we are soooo close to that book being released! I cannot wait so share that with you. Thank you all for being so patient.

A New BORKING REPORT! March has Arrived!

He was ready to go as usual today and well this week will be the test on whether or not three days a week is too much for the old Potato. We would like to see him get out more but he’s almost 13 and that’s a very long tooth for a Cairn.
The Potato also has been resting on not only his camo bed but also a thick memory foam cushion beneath to perhaps ease up on some of his joint pressure. The bed in my room and the living room have both been enhanced and now it’s like he’s got this throne thing going. He easily gets up into it and crashes. Right now he looks very comfortable and is snoring away. The extra height does not curtail his cavorting so that’s good.
His Auntie Jessica is looking forward to spending another hour with the pupper. She does so love him.
From his Aunt Jessica:
It’s a hot day today. Gus was barking a bit the first half of the walk. Towards the end I think he was too tired to bark. He did very good and had a lot of fun!

New Year… of the Ox!

So the new year is upon us. We’ve left the Rat behind and welcome the Ox. Lots of things happened last year and not many of them good but with the coming of the new Lunar Year, it is time to shed the past demons and go forth.

It’s kinda odd having a Lunar New Year without fireworks but… I live in SoCal and well, wildfires are a thing.

We’ve taken to going outside with Badger… while he’s on a lead. Nothing like walking the cat around in the backyard. The pandemic lockdown is getting to all of us. To be fair, I’ve also painted the back of my front door orange so what does that say about me?

I mean the most exciting thing I have going is a new roomba that I finally figured out how to make work the right pattern. It’s a very tricky thing.

But that’s an update for a bit. Trying to recapture my writing brain and bring in something fun and good. I think we’re all in need of just breathing in fresh air and most of all, being kind to ourselves. Make sure you do something nice for yourself. And I don’t mean buying a new spool of dental floss. Something actually nice 😀

Bound (Chinatown Demons Book 1 is NOW ON AUDIBLE, AMAZON, and iTUNES!

Xian and Spencer are now in audiobook format with the spectacularly talented Greg Tremblay bringing them to life as only a master narrator can. I am so very excited to bring you the first installment of the Chinatown Demons series and am so looking forward to sharing with you the continuing adventures of Xian Carter and Spencer Ricci as they come up against some of San Francisco’s most wicked murderers.


Chinatown, San Francisco.

A different place — another time— and where the city’s streets keep secrets, shadowy mysteries SFPD Inspector Spencer Ricci needs to dig through after he finds himself on a case involving a dismembered, mummified man in a restaurant’s locked storage room.

Spencer drags around a lot of baggage, including an ongoing battle with the bottle and a long career as an LAPD detective he’d set fire to in a blaze of booze-soaked mistakes. San Francisco is supposed to be a new start but his old ghosts haunt him, beckoning him back into his self-destructive bad habits. Bad habits that include contemplating doing dirty things with the wrong kind of guy and this time, it’s a sleek, cold-tempered medical examiner named Xian Carter with a complicated reputation.

For a century-old demon, Xian Carter is content with his secretive life. Hiding his nature from the mundane world, he blends in with the city’s inhabitants as best he can but even the best of predators make mistakes. Delving into the mysteries of the dead provide a welcome distraction from endless nights and hiding in plain sight amuses him, until something supernaturally wicked comes knocking on his door with an extremely hot, broody Inspector close behind.

Murder makes for strange bedfellows and this one is no exception. The twists and turns of the case leaves Xian and Spencer on a wild goose chase after clues but Xian can only hope there’s a human at the end of the trail—because the last thing San Francisco needs is another predator.

US Amazon Link:

Bound is available on Audible, Amazon and iTunes! Purchase Links for ACX (US, UK, France, and Germany):

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