Flower Arrangements can Kill Your Cat…

This is my periodic WARNING ABOUT FLOWER ARRANGEMENTS AND CATS. LILIES of ANY kind are poisonous and will kill your cat.
With the holidays arriving and people giving and receiving arrangements, I want to take the time to caution people about the small lilies florists often put into arrangements that many might not know are deadly to our cat.
The pretty tiny accent flowers are what you’re looking for. They come in many colours and are often used around the larger ones to fill in spaces.
Edit: and yes, I included the “alstroemeria” because my vet said those can be very toxic and deadly in some cases with older cats, compromised immunity, or kittens. So, better safe than sorry. YES, they are listed as “non-toxic” but they do cause severe complications and can impact a cat immensely.
The alstroemeria is distracting to people who need to point out a lot of places say they’re non-toxic, causing only mild stomach upset and the runs… which in a cat with UTI or an older cat with kidney issues…is not something they can possibly survive. Bee stings are non-toxic unless of course, you react badly to bee stings.
So lilies… not good. No bueno. Keep your kittehs safe 😃
Keep the arrangement for sure but remove the flowers and dispose of them before your often curious cat nibbles on it. Anything on that flower… anything… is poisonous. Even if your cat is old and hasn’t shown an interest in anything but a can opener in years… it’s not worth the risk.
And oftentimes, you won’t even KNOW they’ve nibbled on that flower.
“Members of the Lilium and Hermerocallis genera are toxic to cats. This includes: Easter lilies, day lilies, Tiger lilies, and Stargazer lilies. … All parts of the lily – including the stem, leaves, petals, stamens and pollen – are poisonous to cats.”

Hell, What Happened to October?

We had a great Halloween and I’m ramping up to do the wording thing. I’m actually also wondering how all of you are doing? There some odd fluctuations in my brain and that’s being worked on as well as hammering at doctors and more tests… nothing life threatening but mostly annoying.

And you know what is often nice? White rice and beef gravy. I highly recommend it. We prefer calrose rice in this house but that’s a personal preference (it’s the best rice).

Of course, now I’ll have started a rice war and lines have been drawn.

Back down from LA… and chilling in San Diego for a bit.

It’s been a long week and I’ll post some catchup texts but… it was a great trip. Even did a Pendle run. Which of course was awesome. The Potato didn’t go for a walk today because it’s cold and he’s a bit stiff but I brought home some guests so he’s in heaven.

Guests mean people who don’t know the food rules and can be conned into giving extra treats.

Floor Potato and Musings

I actually haven’t just rambled here in a long time so bear with me for a bit. This past year has been a fleeting one but heavy, burdened with a lot of things I have had to scrape off in order to move forward. Oddly enough, it’s also been a bit of a journey to find out where I am, who I am and honestly, who is with me.

The past couple of years brought a lot of sadness and stark truths to my life. I’d always been… obtusely oblivious for lack of a better word and trusted a lot of people who I called friends. That was shaken quite a bit and now, in the ruins of so much, there are still pillars I can lean on. So in a lot of ways, I guess it’s something I truly had to go through in order to discover who was with me. And that while I know I’m going to be hurt because a lot of people truly do not be careful with others’ emotions, I’m better for knowing I’ve not compromised who I am inside. And have dealt with just the crappiest things but I’ll be okay. Coming out on the other side will happen. I just have to have faith of it going forward.

Faith is a fucking hard thing to hold on to and it gets tested all the time. Seriously. It’s a bitch.

Mind you, I’m rambling here so… I’m going to be all over the place.

I’ve also just come to accept (?) the Aspergers part. Yes, I still mask. I think it’s just automatic coping mechanisms but I’m kinder to myself when I don’t or forgiving myself more for those quirks when my brain says… Nope, can’t listen to that chime on the phone anymore, it’s burrowing down into my ear drum so change it.

I used to say; just power thru it. I’m big on confronting the aversion aspects of this damned spectrum shit but sometimes, I don’t have to. I don’t have to do it all the time and I needed to remember that. I’m never going to be “normal human” and I have to accept that. There’s things people do that make absolutely no sense to me and I can’t comprehend the why of it. And that’s okay. Learning to be okay with those things you cannot change… ooof, that’s hard.

Not gonna lie. Aspergers sucks. And yeah, it’s not the worst thing. You always hear that. It could be worse. I’m like… fucking hell, it isn’t a competition of sad-sackness. Sometimes it’s just fucking tiring and I hate fighting for the normal. Because while people say they’ll make allowances for spectrum people, they kind of don’t. Not really. It’s tiring for them too. Most often there’s huge misunderstandings and we spend more time explaining and smoothing things out in our relationships than actually living our lives. But you know, you gotta keep trying.

Dogs and cats are a hell of a lot easier.

Right now, Gus (The Blond Potato) is sleeping off a long weekend of hard activity and much company. He reached saturation point on Sunday and kind of gave up socializing but rallied yesterday. But today, he’s all… let me sleep. Partied way too hard this past week so… no Borking today. It’s also going to rain. Which would be nice.

And I’m off to create words. I hope they are good ones. I also hope all of you have a great week and one filled with laughter and good food. And coffee. If that’s your thing 😀