Ahhhh… COVID

So yeah. It’s been day I dunno how many since I tested positive for it. Not quite a week. Hardest part about it other than the joint aches and coughing fits is staying awake.

That being said….


3 thoughts on “Ahhhh… COVID

  1. Katie

    I’m in Colorado which is traditionally a Republican state. But about three years ago the state switched to predominantly absentee ballots. If you are registered to vote in Colorado you get an absentee ballot mailed to your address. Drop boxes are everywhere and protestors or “observers” must stay 100 yards away. I did see a sheriff’s car near the box. Also it’s legal to collect and drop off ballots for up to ten people. I was dismayed by how many Republicans ran unopposed. I didn’t vote for those races but don’t actually think it makes a difference.

  2. Katie

    So I didn’t get around to saying I’m worried about the court challenges to legally voted ballots.

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