AWOL. Back Now.

So… I realized I haven’t dropped into your inbox for a bit. I’ve been at GRL and visiting with TA Moore and Bru Baker. A huge shout out to my baby brother, Greg Tremblay as well as AC Mink who was a godsend and a great support during the slog thru my first outing as a human being in several years. I also have to thank Venona for the coffee because guys, Portsmouth at oh-dark-thirty without coffee is a pain in the ass.

Traveling meant having plans on how to deal with the ongoing medical issues I’ve been having and can I tell you that it is like planning a beach landing during high tide. Literally. Some days went well while others… like the plane trip over to DC… did not. The first few days were really rough. Hella rough and managing to deal with all of that and really interacting was a bitch. My masking and socializing skills were fucking rusty as hell and I was grumpy. I’m surprised Tamm didn’t just drown me in a vat of unsweetened tea. I bribed her with Sparkling Ice drinks which she does love and can’t get in Northern Ireland.

Aside from the body stuff, GRL was a fun time and I purposely took it slow. Listened to my body tell me to go lie down and listened to my brain when it said; enough with the people and noise. Aspergers is a bitch like that. Noise can hit like waves and after a bit, it feels like you’re drowning so being careful about taking in too much is always good.

But ah, when you want to stay and have fun but your body and your brain are all… NOPE! Be healthy! Get some down time.

There is a COVID plague currently working through the GRL attendees so… that’s kind of bothersome but hopefully everyone will get well quickly and no one will have it too bad.

The staff at the hotel was fantastic and our room was really nice. We didn’t have any problems although rooming with two unpackers can be a funny experience. Both Bru and Tamm put things away so they’d be safe but then can’t remember where. I’m used to it with them. Housekeeping was always told, just take out the trash and change the towels. Anything further than that would be hazard pay because you’ve got three authors loaded down with books, swag, and luggage…and a fully stocked bar of coffee stuff, a tea kettle, and a shit ton of snacks. Hazard pay.

All in all, a good time was had. And most of all, I got to see some of my favourite people…and feed them crispy pata. Which is always a fantastic experience.

Now to get ready for the bestest holiday in the world… Halloween.

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  1. We had the Covid plague wave after the UK Meet, too… I know I caught it from the guys I was sitting beside at the dinner. I’m fully vaxxed and wasn’t really ill so in some weird way was quite pleased! So glad you managed GRL and had fun despite the medical shenanigans!

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