Long Awaited Borking Day!

The Borks were postponed for a few weeks mainly due to my surgeries then Paige going on vacation followed by her making sure she didn’t get COVID so her tests were out for a day… came back negative and well, TODAY WAS A BORKING DAY.
Now yesterday I had a home visit from the nurses and the Potato was in the back of the house which can I tell you, he did NOT want. He complained and cajoled until finally he was let out to come visit and he went insane with joy and hyperactivity, which is so not his thing. But he got a lot of love and praise from them and he wheedled around for many scritches.
He does have another bout of spring allergies/hives so we’re waiting for his script to be called in so he can get some relief from the itchiness. He’s been getting wound care on the spots and wearing a donut which he hates. But soon, pupper.
So the Borking today was definitely something he was ready for. Paige forgot to text so we weren’t aware she was on her way which is normally when we kit up the Potato but she got here and he was all…. GET ME DRESSED! TIME TO BORK. He headed out for a good long bork and did trip a little bit but he’s fine. Probably just charging forward and not watching where he’s going. Because Borking is SERIOUS business.
From his Auntie Paige:
Here’s a picture of Gus looking resplendent in purple and blue! Like I mentioned he stumbled a little on our way back but seems fine- and even took a few minutes to roll on the lawn. 🙂
Best, Paige

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