Yet Another Potato Update

You’d think with as how much I talk about the Potato that he’s a very interactive dog. He really isn’t. He’s an old man who likes to eat, sleep, and roll around in the grass, preferably if the grass has fish emulsion or something stinky like possum poop on it. But he is a delight and in the past couple of years, has really enjoyed having people visit him. To the point where he is upset the UPS and FedEx guys don’t come in and pet him or when someone who is visiting leaves.

And in the spirit of the Year of the Tiger, he also got a spa day which he badly needed following the skin infection he’d gotten, which kind of left him with odd patches and we had to shave spots down so they could be addressed.

Our last dog groomer ghosted us because we TOLD her to not take off the muzzle if he was outside and she decided that no, she could. That did not go well. As all of you know, that’s imperative for Gus to feel safe and secure.

But we DID find an ANGEL of a groomer named Charity who owns and runs Raise the Wuff Mobile Grooming and had an opening immediately because she was in the area. Woman literally has a towable mobile salon attached to the hitch of her truck and we were given an iPad with a camera feed so we could watch him. If you’re in San Diego and need a dog groomer, Charity is awesome.

Because as soon as she came in, the Potato was in love. And when he came back, he was so sorry to see her go. But that said, look at the results! One Clean Potato. And his cat.

4 thoughts on “Yet Another Potato Update

  1. Douglas Cole

    Oh my goodness … all trimmed up … Looks like Gus is spiffed up to go a courting some of the local lasses

  2. Michael simone

    You are my absolute favorite author. I have ALL your books… at least in paperback.As, I only read paperback books… and I want so badly to read Bound.
    I’ve been waiting for almost a year and a half… for paperback versions of Chinatown Demons… and I know you’ve had health issues so didn’t expect book 2 for a while… but I’m hoping you’ve had enough time to get that done or almost done by now as well…
    Anyway… I’m … Still waiting for the paperback of Bound: Chinatown Demons, Book One

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