Today’s Borking Report…

Today’s Borking Report… which is kind of covered by cat spit because Harley is VERY invested in getting scritches today and she bites and licks.
California is a bit warmer today so the Borking Potato went out in lighter gear. He for some reason loves to roll around when someone is trying to get him kitted up. Or at least when others do. He’s pretty well behaved for me. He’s a dork.
He was so very excited and happy when he came back and rolled around like a mad thing. It’s been a good Gus Gus morning. And he’s been loving his new food, a combination of dehydrated raw and refrigerated “fresh”. Since he likes it a bit soupy, I do add more water than necessary but like I’ve said, he’s an odd dog.
He also LURVES his Auntie Jessica and came back grinning after spending time with her.
From his Auntie Jessica
Gus is so happy today! He said hi to some people out on walks. He did a lot of rolling around in the grass too! I hope he gets some rest today!

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