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14th December at TA Moore’s Crime, Curses, and Cheap Thrills blog!

15th December – Love Bytes
16th December – Rhys Ford
17th December – Andi Lee Writers

Join Andi Lee on the blog tour for her New Book, Risky Business! She’ll be answering questions (and so will her ferret) and there will be giveaways at several stops!

Best of all, don’t forget to grab Risky Business and have a great romantic read! Purchase Risky Business at Amazon ( and other fine online retailers.

Veterinarian Dane Vincent is used to being unlucky in love. That’s why his crush on new friend Ben is No Big Deal. He’s more than happy to swoop to Ben’s rescue when he brings a ferret into his practice. It’s what friends do—and vets.

Ben Clifford came to Lockstone for a new job and a fresh start. He didn’t expect to make friends, never mind a tightknit group of them. They’re all wacky and wonderful, and he fits right in, something he’s never done before. They even support him when he finds a ferret at work and decides to keep the cute little bundle of joy.

There’s just one tiny problem. Ben’s house doesn’t allow pets.

Moving into Dane’s spare room is meant to be temporary, but the more time he spends with him, the less he wants to leave. They connect on a level he’s never experienced before, and slowly but surely, the feelings of friendship Ben has for Dane morph into something deeper.

The question is… does he have the courage to act on them?



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