Today’s Borking Report… Or Why Does My Dog Smell Like Cow?

Today’s Borking Report.
Sadly, the Potato had to be forced to get dressed because it’s COLD and I wanna sleep was his plans for the morning. He sulked at us until the door opened and his precious Auntie Jessica appeared. After that, we were HORRIBLE monsters for keeping them apart and he was going to tell the world about how his mother DARED to hold him back from his borking.
My dog is a farting fat liar.
It’s raining a bit out apparently and he came home a bit damp. And smelling like a COW. I dunno what someone put on his lawn but he literally came home and I was all.. THAT is cow! COW!
So, some doggie deodorant was deployed and now he’s lying here, farting up cow-smelling gassy clouds because he just is that way. He did however come home VERY tired, probably a little bit sore from the cold but SO SO HAPPY! He does love his Jessica.
From his Auntie Jessica:
Gus looked so happy when I left! It started sprinkling a tiny bit on the walk but not bad at all. I’m sure Gus loved the water and the wet grass. He struggled to get up the stairs when we got back to the house. I think he was tired!

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