No Tree This Year….

A Household Executive Decision Has Been Made.
We will be NOT be putting up a tree this year. Instead we will string lights around Bucky the Jackalope and the Entry’s Gate Dragon.
Why you might ask?
Because this one isn’t mature enough to handle the temptation

4 thoughts on “No Tree This Year….

  1. Michael simone

    You had previously stated that you would be releasing book one and more of the Bound: Chinatown Demons series in paperback this November. I’ve been waiting with baited breath for a very very very long time now.

    1. Well, following the death of my sister and brother… and then a myriad of health issues which are finally getting under control, writing kind of took a back seat BUT I am happy to report that I am back on the wagon and heading down into the keyboard. Trust me, there’s SO much from Chinatown Demons I want to share 😀

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