Twas the Day Before Turkey Borking Report…

Gus the Potato got a bath yesterday and he’s very squeaky clean. Of course today is Borking Day so that means… rolling around in the wet grass. Because that’s what Potatoes do.
He always grumbles and becomes a lump when it’s time for him to get kitted up but then as soon as the door opens and JESSICA appears, suddenly he has the energy of a thousand frenzied cairns and he’s ready to be off.
It’s always funny when he’s leaving because the BORK doesn’t begin until he crosses the threshold. THEN, it’s a parade of horns, bells, and whistles. Usually the Bork is short and today it’s really freaking cold so he was bundled up but caution is always used for the old man.
He came back happy and grinning. Once he allowed me to strip him nekkid of everything but his collar, he did his normal romp and cavort, followed by drinking all the water and then getting love from his Auntie… who was also attending to Harley Doodle because that’s what the cat does. She wants love and scritches from everyone. It’s hard to be a Harley. Gus got his snuggles then said goodbye to his Auntie who will be skipping Thursday’s walk because of the holiday but he’ll see her again next week.
All in all, considering he’s coming up on his … 14th year? 13th year? I think 14… he’s doing pretty good for an old Cairn. Their lifespan ranges from 12-14 and he’s in relatively good health. He does get too many treats and yes, there’s a LOT of napping time but I’m going to say, with respect to his old bones, he deserves all the comfy beds and memory foam pillows under them.
From his Auntie Jessica:
The weather was nice out this morning and Gus loved it! He did try to say hi to one couple out walking! Other than that it was pretty empty out. Have a good thanksgiving!

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