Let’s Go Borking with Gus the Potato!

Today’s Borking Report!
It’s cold as heck this morning but it’s going to ramp up to the high 80s. The Potato was grumpy about getting out of bed to go on his bork and he was pissy about being dressed. However, as SOON as Jessica came over and said, Come on, Gus Gus… he was off as if we’d been holding him back from his ultimate dream.
Seriously, he’s a brat.
He went for his bork, telling the world about his opinions on everything from carrot cake to why it’s unfair dogs cannot vote then came home. Where he promptly refused to let his jacket be removed and cavorted about without saying goodbye to his auntie Jessica. Harley more than happily provided a farewell belly rub dance for her while Gus got a bit of hash brown and bacon.
Now of course, he’s back in bed for his mid-morning snooze and acting as if all is right with the world. Which of course it is if you are the Potato.
I bet anything he’s missing our house guests because most of the time, they don’t know the rules (or ignore them) and sneak him bits and pieces of noms. Sadly for him, there are no guests this week so he’s got to be dependent on us for his snacking.
From his Auntie Jessica:
Even though Gus was pouting today he still had a fun walk! He told the neighbors all about his day! He was walking pretty fast today. Maybe he just wanted to get back inside for some potatoes!

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