Today’s Borking Report…and Ramblings.

Today’s Borking Report!
This morning was a bit of a struggle for the Potato. Somehow he got his thumbnail caught in his collar ring and it was a traumatic few moments when he was screaming at me while I was trying to get it off. And mouthing at my fingers. I knew it hurt so I quick released his collar and got him free. It’s never happened before and of course, this morning while I was running a bit late, he had that moment. As soon as he was free, Gus was all… okay, let’s go potty! As if he hadn’t spent the last few seconds screaming that I was killing him.
Cairns are very stoic. If he’s making a fuss, then I know it hurts. But he was none the worse for wear, went out to potty then came back in to go RIGHT back to bed.
I’m sure it made for a scolding about me to Jessica when he went for his walk because as usual, the dog is mouthy. Since I am at work (in the building work), he went off for his bork without me but I did get the status update.
He still loves to roll in wet grass but refuses to go potty on it. He’s the death and trial to his Auntie Jessica.
From his Auntie Jessica:
Gus had fun rolling around in all the wet grass! I hope it wasn’t too cold for his joints today! He did poop on the walk today but in someone’s driveway. So close to the grass. He almost made it! See him soon!

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