Blond Potato! (Sung to the Tune of My Sharon) Today’s BORKING REPORT!

The Blond Potato has had TWO great Borking Days. It really helps starting earlier when it’s cooler and probably with less people out. Of course, he’s usually more awake at 8 am than he is at 10 am. By 10 am, he’s settled into a full nap and is off snoring.
Yesterday was a BIG day for him as well because his Auntie Suzhang has come for a week long visit AND he got a puppichino. And smuggled treats but not a lot because Potatoes do not need extra chubbage.
In place at the sliding glass door is now a 4 inch tall, short ramp for him to use to get back up into the house. That small ledge is at an awkward angle and much like an old school bus, a Potato does not bend in the middle. It’s been a tremendous help and he’s been gamboling in and out with great ease.
Also, the song My Sharona can TOTALLY be adapted for Blond Potatoes while they are rolling around on sun-warmed concrete. With a chorus of “Blond Potato….” you can make your own verses. To be fair, I also sing “They see me rollin’, they be hatin’…” at him when he cavorts about too.
The boy does love a good roll….
Look at his sassy self during his Bork. Because he got a good roll in!
From his Auntie Jessica:
It was nice and cool out today and Gus loved it! He especially loved all the damp grass to roll in! We walked to the corner again and kept it slow paced.

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