Wow. So much happens yet so little…

Summer is here in San Diego and well, I wasn’t ready for it. We’ve gotten the backyard kind of summer ready with an above ground pool, patio furniture, rainbow lights and as alway, there’s a little blond Potato cairn terrorist more than happy to roll around in the sun.

I’ve returned to working the day job in the building today and it’s rather surreal. I don’t think I can even type on this keyboard anymore. I’m so used to my laptop. 😀 We’re all still distancing and wearing masks when leaving our offices but the majority of us are in place for a few days a week. It’s all rather strange.

If you haven’t noticed, I’m a big Marvel fan… well mostly the secondary characters like Bucky and Loki so I’m very excited about the Loki series. Watched the first one and man, I’m ready for the rest of it. CANNOT WAIT>

And I want to share this link abou the Top 10 Amazing “Secret” History notes about some famous places. These kinds of things are like a rabbit hole for me. I get started on one link and then… I’m falling in. This one is not exception:

And I also wanna leave you with three of the best Burger Masters there are… most notably…. a hack for the In-N-Out Burger, which is my fave burger of all time.

Oh yeah and some others.

I’m going to try to stop in more and chat. Just to keep things going and well, fire up my brains and the words / characters I’ve got brewing. Very exciting.

3 thoughts on “Wow. So much happens yet so little…

  1. Skippy

    It’s funny that the first thing on the list is The Blue Hole, and mention of Hurricane Hattie. Dad said that they used to get rid of confiscated firearms by dumping them there.

  2. Sharon Leahy

    Smiles, the nearest In-N-Out-Burger is over an hour away by car … but, living at the edge of the earth as I do, shrimp tacos are readily available! Yum!

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