New Kitteh, Who Dis?

We have a new addition to the Cabin. She comes to us as a surrender from her owners who have a new baby and they made the decision to find her a new home. She doesn’t really have a name… she was being called kitty which she doesn’t really respond to but she is now home and exploring my bedroom.
She has met the dog who spent his time in the room crashed out on his bed so she’s discovered the Potato couldn’t really care about there being another cat in the house. He’s now eating dinner which is a hell of a lot more interesting to him because he was fed later than normal.
There is a heavy gate between my room and the rest of the house and the other two cats are quietly investigating the presence of the new kitten. She’s about 7-8 months old and still a bit playful so that will be good for the Badger and she’s young enough to interest Harley who DID have a litter before she came to us.
New Kitty has allowed us to pick her up, scritched her and she’s meatloafed in my room, making squinty eyes at us. She’s been called Bob in texts because well, she didn’t have a name but that’s because of her colouring, not her personality. We’ll see what her name is over the next few days.

5 thoughts on “New Kitteh, Who Dis?

  1. Sharon Leahy

    Lovely kitty! She matches your chair very well, clearly she’s meant to be there. Bob sent her.

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