It’s an overcast day over here in Potato Land. About 65ºF (18ºC) but it doesn’t look like it’s going to rain. I see a hint of blue skies off in the distance but it’s a grey blue so there’s still a sheen of clouds over the hills. The rain would have been nice BUT we all know how much the Potato likes to roll around in wet grass and come back stained green and with leaves stuck to him.

I’d like to NOT give him a bath today.

There’s apparently a lot of workers out today. There IS some major construction and reno being done on a lot of houses in the neighbourhood and the one thing his Auntie Jessica has been firm about is people coming up to the Potato to pet him “because he’s cute”.

BUT as we all know, when outside on a Bork, the Blond Potato is there for business. There is no stopping to talk to people. No shenanigans other than finding a wet lawn and borking at people to wear masks, stay 6 feet apart, and most of all, get off the damned roof before you kill yourself (even if you ARE a roofer). He’s also disgruntled about lawn guys with dangerous machines like chain saws and mowers. He’s quite quick to judge their safety standards like some outraged OSHA supervisor.

He came home tired and happy, having scolded the world back into order… then promptly went scuba diving into his copper bowl, shook off a waterfall of drops onto the carpet, me, and his Auntie Jessica (and a bit on Badger) then proceeded to cavort and wiggle about. Now he’s taking a bit of a rest but is contemplating eating the small amount of kibble he left behind for his breakfast. Kibble eating is a very intense stalking and must be approached thoughtful and with great reflection. One does not simply shove one’s head into the food dish. It is food, after all…and not water.

From his Auntie Jessica:
Gus did a lot of borking at all the workers out this morning! He got very tired after that walk! I hope he’s getting plenty of water and rest now.
Best, Jessica

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  1. Pat Grayson

    Borking is indeed hard work. Our new pup is a watch dog and she does not like intruders!

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