Today’s BORKING REPORT! And a bit about Don Juan El Gato de los Pantalones….

The Potato has been sharing the back yard with the Badger but the bi-weekly walks are solely for the Blond Borker. He is excited about the new harness or at least appears to be when I pull it out. So there’s that.
To be fair, Badger has learned where HIS harness is and goes over to show us where it is in case we’ve forgotten. Usually right after we’ve come in from the back yard after taking him out. El Gato spend a good portion of his time outside digging in a dirt patch and rolling in it. He was filthy. Probably still is. I’m going to have to use a swiffer to get him clean. Dusting the cat is a real thing apparently.
The Borker was so happy to see his Auntie Jessica and he left the house borking away. Probably telling her that he has to now share the back yard with the Asshole Badger but he’s free off a leash while the cat is not. So there’s a bit of smugness there.
From his Aunt Jessica:
Gus had fun today! Not too many people out so we walked a little further. It was actually pretty hot out this morning so I hope he’s getting plenty of water!
Best Regards, Jessica!

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