New Year, Borking, and Writing

It has been a bit of a struggle getting back into the writing brain. These past couple of years have been rough and well, so much tragedy in my life. But the thing is, sit down and hit the keyboard really is a thing.

I am kind of purging things out of my life and also in a way, shedding a bit of emotional weight burdening me. I am hoping that in the coming days, I can submerge myself into the ether that I write in. I miss being able to do that. But I can feel it rising back up and I am hopeful it will soon become a sanctuary once again.

There is also too much mustard on my hot dogs right now. Dijon mustard. It’s a good mustard but I think my brain is searching for the spicy brown. Should have drizzled chili crisps on them.

I also am looking forward to being able to fall back into whimsy. I miss it.

The Potato will be continuing his Borking Strolls and I hope to publish his Borking Reports. Right now he’s begging for either a hot dog or a doggie treat but that’s his life. Treats, Borking Strolls, Scritches, and Naps. Oh and dinners.

And I actually want to leave a video from a channel I follow called Tribal People Try. Normally they sample foods, usually Western / American, and it’s an interesting look at how people view one another’s tastes. In this particular video, it’s 2 pairs of the men on the channel playing a game. It’s lovely to see them smile, laugh and simply have a bit of silly fun. I think we sometimes forget silly fun is probably the best kind of fun to have. I think I’ll need to find a time and place to do this for a bunch of people.

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