Monday’s Bork

The Potato spent the weekend supervising all of the activity in the house and was the project manager for many people. So today, he ventured out again and promptly began telling his Aunt Jessica all about his weekend and probably his new dog bed.
Life is very exciting for the Potato… including a NEW KIND of treat he got from his Aunt Meegan. He came back happy, tired and thirsty… and now he’s snoring away on his bed.
And he got the carpet a bit damp from drinking water and his paws are wet.

From his Auntie Jessica…

Hi Reece,

It was nice and cold out this morning so Gus didn’t get too tired! He had fun rolling around in the grass and he also did go poop today! There were a few kids playing in a bouncy house that were smiling and waving at him, so he said hi back and did lots of borking! I’ll see him next week.

Best, Jessica

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