Today’s Borking Report

Today’s Borking Report

It is FREAKING hot again today. We’re supposed to have cooler weather but it’s kind of warm out but not so warm that the Borker can’t go for his walk.

And yes, if it’s too warm, he skips. One, if you can’t lay your hand on the sidewalk and hold it there for 30 seconds without it burning, no walkies. Hell, 10 seconds.

He’s already had an exciting morning because he toddled out through the front door to investigate the charity pick up which is NOT something he’s allowed to do. He borked some instructions at the men… not in an aggressive ways… but probably to say.. why aren’t you wearing masks and pick up with your legs not your back, man!
He was then picked up and carried unceremoniously back into the house like a sack of potatoes! But he was sweet and wagging his tail.

His Aunt Jessica came while the garbage truck came by and there were SO many people out. Most not wearing masks or just existing! So much borking.

From his Aunt Jessica:
Hot day today! We took the walk very slow and I let Gus lay down and take a break wherever he needed! Quite a few people out today so we made sure to keep our distance.




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