Sooo many projects…

I have a lot on my plate and I’m trying to clear it off.

The pupper just came back from his borking day with his walker and now he’s like… PANTING HARD… because the little bastard can’t just “walk” like a normal dog.

Gus views walks as a military exercise. I’m not sure why but he always has. And he’s an old man! We’re like, take it easy. Stroll. Take your time. Enjoy the outside!

Nope… we MUST storm the beaches! I don’t know what he intends to be victorious over but there’s definitely a mission.

He also seriously needs a grooming but alas, in these trying times, his groomer isn’t working. It might come down to me taking clippers to him then a bath which I can do but I know he’s an asshole about baths. Well, he’s an asshole about a LOT of things but he does love his Auntie Jessica who comes and walks him.

The weather is warming up today and tomorrow and then back down into the cold, which has been playing havoc on my sinuses. Quarantine would be a lot easier if the storm pressure didn’t keep coming and going.

In the meantime, all the words!

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