Word Count and Rabbit Holes, et al. *grins*

Over the last couple of days, I posted about word count and a dollar. A lot of people saw it as a discussion on sales. Or about if the story was worth it. Or even if they trusted the author. Which are all good discussions. But see… this was one of my rabbit holes.

So, here’s the thing.

The story is kind of like Schrödinger’s cat. The rabbit hole in question… the how does a buck break out among word count is actually a discussion on how my Asperger’s brain works. Or where the “Quinn” part of my brain lives.

You see, it’s kind of like working a geometry proof. Or really like falling down a rabbit hole.

The discussion about word count and a dollar really doesn’t have anything to do with sales, or if the story that the reader is buying is worth the buck or even if I am taking it account the finished product or the cut Amazon or a publisher would make. Those are all very valid points and when I’m in authoring mode and doing the whole business thing, I’m there with that.

This was a worm burrowing down into my brain and I had to dig it out so I could move on and do something else. Trust me when I say, I do not ever stop what I’m doing to do perform random math equations. 😀

It’s a very tightly boxed in idea of… how much would a buck break down to an hour based on different word counts?

Nothing else mattered in that equation because it wasn’t… important? Relevant? It wasn’t a part of the rabbit hole.

Usually my Asperger’s leads me down non-math rabbit holds. I can do maths. God knows, I’ve done my share of maths and I prefer spatial math but it’s not where my left turns usually go so I found in fascinating my path went in that direction.

Then as I began breaking everything down and posted it, I realized I’d left out the most important part of the whole thing… that left turn is an Asperger’s turn. Stuff that bubbles up to the surface and my brain won’t shake it off until I go after that rabbit.

So I do thank you all for giving your input because it does help me shape how things work out.

There’s no variables often in a math left turn. Or a scientific one. Usually there’s set boxes the discussion happens in and then once it’s over, it’s wrapped up and put away. *grins* And I might forget that I even thought about it.

UNLESS it’s something really interesting in which case it burrows down into my head and lays there in wait like an alligator until I need it for something….

Like a book. *laughs*

So thank you for coming down the rabbit hole with me. Next time, I hope it’ll be something interesting. God only knows. *grins*

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