So… One of the Five is on her way home…

Dropped Tamm off at the airport and she’s now partially into her 10 hour flight back home to the UK. Well longer considering she’s got to get to Belfast. I’ll be falling back into a normal writing schedule and hopefully my brain will cooperate. I could use a nap.

There’s a lot of stories I want to write. I mean there’s just ideas everywhere and I’d love to do them all. Sadly, not enough time and are there enough words?

I hope you all are doing okay. I’ll be trying to get back here more often. Watching a bit of Guy’s Grocery Games and should really catch up on Supernatural. I don’t want it to end but… sadly it will. Can’t wait for the new season of The Boys and well…. mostly get caught up in writing.

I also just had some tacos so I’m brain dead. mmmm tacos.

One thought on “So… One of the Five is on her way home…

  1. Patricia Cooke

    Glad you had such a great time while she was there, I don’t envy Tamm the long journey back. Yay to more stories especially if one includes the names ‘Rook’ and ‘Dante’. *grin*

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