Blergh… Authoring. The flip side of Writing.

The problem with switching over to the “AUTHOR” part of this writing gig is trying to decide who to ask to host a blog tour, especially one that reboots an older series like Cole and Jae.
After a lot of consideration, I’m going to look at first asking blogs who reviewed Hellion, my last book, especially release day reviews. Regardless of rating, I think reviewing an author’s book on a site is a show of support.
I will NEVER ask a review site to curate a rating for me. I find that as offensive as click-farming and page-stacking a KU book.
Digging at stuff like this… business stuff… is probably the worst part about writing. Authoring is a different kind of animal from sitting in front of a keyboard and creating a story. It’s about marketing and branding as well as audience outreach, making sure you find the readers who would like a particular book.
So, the edits are finalized and early ARCs will be going out soon. February is coming up and I do have a serialized story in mind for this tour. Because the boys are married and it wouldn’t be fair not to show that day.
** That probably came out sounding odder than I intended. I’m not humaning today. I have a list of reviewers I ping for early ARCs and that’s the list I draw from for blog tours as well. Since Back in Black is… writing in the same headspace as Hellion, it makes sense it would line up with those blogs.

4 thoughts on “Blergh… Authoring. The flip side of Writing.

  1. I’ll be reading and reviewing. I adore the whole series. I don’t have a huge following but if you want to do a guest post you might reach some new readers and I’d love to host you. You can reply here or message me on FB.

  2. eleanor gatliffe

    I’m so looking forward to this. It was the ‘Dirty’ books that set me on the path of all things Rhys. Thank you for years of entertainment. Elle Gat/Debbie Bar x

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