So at some point, I came into contact with an agent of Satan.

Probably that toddler on the plane.

Now I have a cold.

It’s at the point of mostly icky, some miserable and just want sleep.

The dog is handling the sleep portion of my cold because I have to work so I had to outsource. He does a good job. Because man, he’s asleep and snoring.

Hellion’s going well. Or so I think. I’m excited about a plot point. It’s just a matter of trying to hit it right. That’s always the struggling point in a book. Is this angle working and did the author pull it off.

Sadly, I can’t actually use a lot of cold medicine because of the meds I take. I also hate NyQuil. And half a Benadryl will take me out into a coma for days. Seriously. I don’t know how people take two of them. I look at a damned Benadryl and I pass out.

So, it’s going to be sweet black tea…hot and with li hing mui lemon in it.

4 thoughts on “Blergh

  1. Trish

    Sorry you’re suffering Rhys, from what I’ve read it seems alot of people in the US are also suffering from the same thing. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. I have same problem with drugs
    If you can get super strength garlic oil tablets
    Or garlic, horseradish and fenugreek super strength

    I swear the halve the length of my colds

    Hope you get better honey

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  3. Patricia Grayson

    We’ve all been sick but rest helps too. Take time to really rest. It’s a miserable bug going around. Those are good suggestions from friends about garlic.

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