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  1. Omg!…what kind of teacher complains that a child is asking too many questions?! It hurts my heart his parents told him to stop🥺
    Having a child who has a hard time gathering the words to express his thoughts…wanna go back in time & shake them. Questions are how we discover the world. Never tell a child to be quiet & stop asking questions!

    It’s always so odd coming up against what others perceive, how they view you versus how you view yourself…sometimes the difference can be jarring or as in his story, kind of heart breaking.

    Can I say he’s adorable? I admire his courage in taking on the challenge & being so determined to do better, BE a better version of himself😎

    1. I was told SO many times in school to stop asking questions. To not speak up and question things. It’s quite common. And yeah, kinda sad.

      He is adorable.

      1. I wish my son asked more questions…I know the want is there, it’s just grabbing those words & putting them together he has so much trouble with! He speak soooo much better these days, yet still gets stuck when asked simple questions. The right words just elude him which makes conversations painful…& short🥴🤪

  2. Lindsey Forehand

    Thank you so much for this. I did vocal lessons for myself a few years back to teach myself to speak out and to have more confidence in my voice. It helped so much and I wish I could have done more. This video was a nice reminder of that.

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