Update on Life

Well, mostly I’ve been trying to juggle doctor appointments, words and throwing out my back. It’s been a pain on all levels.

Hopefully today the appointment I have will either put everything to rest and I can go on with my bad self or it will be the start of a long haul of stuff and more appointments, depending on the outcome.

As many of you know… and I’ve been very open about… I have Aspergers and often sink into a depression. Or rather steep down further into it. The meds I’d been given were new to me and well, let’s just say all they did was make me angry and less patient. Like no filter angry. So… I’m switching again.

Now this is something a lot of people will talk about. Finding the right combo of meds to alleviate symptoms so you can reorient yourself. And a key part of that is behaviour modification as well as behaviour awareness. I react VERY badly to wellbutrin and cymbalta. I also get depressed if I have too much of anything peanut related, which sounds crazy but there were studies done on peanuts/peanut butter (as well as non-legume nuts like almonds and the like) and the effect it has on people on the spectrum. A very high percentage apparently are negatively affected by peanuts. Increases depressions, reduces the ability to manage behaviours, etc. Sometimes, sadly … I do crave peanuts, mostly peanut butter cup minis. Every once in a great while. But I’ve wandered off the point.

The point is, new meds making me raging hamster so I emailed my doc (who is new to me for these kinds of things) and said, this shit’s no bueno. So we’re switching it up before I get too far down the road with these.

Bottom line… don’t be afraid to speak up and take care of your personality when starting a new round of meds. Watch very carefully for not only physical changes but also mood swings and mental shifts.

And of course, I forgot to pick them up yesterday so.. .totally my bad. That has to get done.

The back is at the… I’m going to hurt only when you move REALLY wrong but at the same time, all of your muscles are going to ache now because you’ve kept them locked in rigid mode for the last few days because I was a fucktard spine. I’m not supposed to take ibuprofen but my kidney levels are great and well, I hurt. Ibu was taken.

I’m going to be in Florida in a few weeks. Starting in St. Pete’s then moving around a bit before landing in Orlando by the mid-month. And I’ll have one of the Five with me! TA Moore… who is my twin of sorts. Seriously, we were born on the other sides of the world for a reason. God has a plan to keep you all alive and well! Trust me on this. MUAHAHAH. Okay I’m back.

And now I’m gone because this is way too long. 😀

11 thoughts on “Update on Life

  1. Kel

    It took me almost 10 years to get a doctor to even listen to me about Ty and not just diagnose him wrong. It took another 2 years to find the right medication that worked for him (apparently Paxil was very wrong and made him 10x worse). His new doctor just started him on some new meds. It’s a constantly changing thing and I hope you find the right combination for you. It’s wonderful when everything aligns. Good luck!

  2. Katie

    Rhys I have similar “probs” and did not know the peanut connection. Having had a pbnj every day this week. Sigh.

    Unsolicited advice, I find magnesium supplements very helpful for myself pain. Be well.

    1. Ah, I can’t take magnesium because it interferes with some meds. 😀 It’s insane the balance!

      And yeah. there’s a “spectrum” of how much it affects you. But about 75 yo 80 percent are affected in some way.

  3. Erica Fisher

    I am glad you are on the road to feeling better. My son is on the spectrum and never really like peanut butter he would eat peanuts sometimes but with his braces he is not supposed to so I guess this is good information for me so thank you.

  4. Shannon

    I’m so happy things are slowly getting better for you. I was just finally diagnosed with depression and I’m seeing if wellbutrin will work. Go back to the doctor again in September. Would acupuncture work for your muscles and back? Or massages?

    1. It’s a spine thing. So…. it’s just a matter of letting everything settle and going back into place. I do this once in a great while. It’s way too tender to be touched at the moment but getting better. Wellbutrin is great for people! I just didn’t jive with it. 😀

  5. Sadonna

    <3 Damn. Trying to manage life is a real challenge some days. Hope you are finding something that will work for you.

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