Brain Freeze

So I’m taking a little hiatus because well, health stuff and my brain’s just shot.

Watching a lot of Chopped. Realize people have absolutely no idea what to do with noodles. Of course I sure as hell wouldn’t know what to do with an elk heart. I mean I could fake it but let’s face it, it’ll probably come out like a hard rock. Or I’d make stuffing out of it. *grins*

It’s always interesting to see what throws people when they open that basket. And how they just tap out of using something. And then there are people who have never seen or heard of a crumpet but claim they are reps of world cuisine.

Dude, if you’ve never seen or heard of a crumpet, you can’t claim world cuisine. That’s like not knowing what a pop tart is.

I watch Chopped to judge people. Pretty much.

3 thoughts on “Brain Freeze

  1. Paula

    I love watching chopped. My favorite episode was when they let the views pick what goes in the basket. We are cruel and vicious people.

  2. I watch it to see what they can do with champagne and sweet tarts, who gets cut, and if one judge is going to call a dish awful. Of course there is one judge who will find something to like about duck liver and twizzlers 🤣

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