Life is Good. Carry On.

Tests came back okay.

Guts are a mess but that’ll be dealt with.

I do need some breathing time.

Now I’m watching Chopped.

Why does the chef judge need to “get up out of her chair to see what’s going on”?

Like I’d want someone coming to talk to me while I’m trying to deal with some bastard food basket.

20 thoughts on “Life is Good. Carry On.

  1. It’s the whole jangle the poor saps nerves for entertainment sake🤪
    YAY! *Hugs* here’s hoping the gut calms the frak down😘

  2. Carlene McLaughlin

    Glad to hear tests are good. And I think the judge delights in throwing them off their game. Seems mean though.

  3. Sadonna

    <3 Take care of you. The stress of these experiences cannot be overstated. Do what you need to do for yourself 🙂


  4. Patricia Cooke

    So glad the tests were okay but sorry you’re still suffering the guts issue, hope that’s taken care of soon.

    I hate the cooking shows, the contestants are there to take it seriously but the judges seem to be there for their own entertainment.

    Take care of yourself and decompress until your heart is content.

    On a sidenote: So excited to see a new anthology being released in October, what a talented group of authors!

    1. Ah I love cooking shows for the most part but there are a couple I don’t care for because of the judging. 😀

      Very excited about the anthology!

  5. Judy Stone

    So glad the test came back okay. Thanks for the update. Rest, relax, and breathe. Hugs

  6. Great news! So happy that your tests came back ok and they can treat things!! And I love Chopped. At least one time an episode I think, “Who knew that even existed?!?!” That and I think Scott Conant is a hottie😉

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